stand VERB (past and past part. stood) 1) be in or rise to an upright position, supported by one's feet. 2) place or be situated in a particular position. 3) move in a standing position to a specified place: stand aside. 4) remain stationary or without disturbance. 5) be in a specified state or condition. 6) remain valid or unaltered. 7) adopt a particular attitude towards an issue. 8) be likely to do something: investors stood to lose heavily. 9) act in a specified capacity. 10) tolerate, withstand, or like: I can't stand it. 11) Brit. be a candidate in an election. 12) provide (food or drink) for (someone) at one's expense. 13) (of a ship) remain on a specified course.
NOUN 1) an attitude towards a particular issue. 2) a determined effort to hold one's ground or resist something. 3) a stopping of motion or progress. 4) a large raised tiered structure for spectators. 5) a raised platform for a band, orchestra, or speaker. 6) a rack, base, or item of furniture for holding or displaying something. 7) a small temporary stall or booth from which promotional goods are sold or displayed. 8) (the stand) a witness box. 9) a place where vehicles wait for passengers. 10) a group of trees or other plants. 11) Cricket a partnership.
stand alone — Cf. ↑stand alone
stand and deliver! — Cf. ↑stand and deliver!
stand by — Cf. ↑stand by
stand down — Cf. ↑stand down
stand for — Cf. ↑stand for
stand in — Cf. ↑stand in
stand off — Cf. ↑stand off
stand on — Cf. ↑stand on
stand on one's own (two) feet — Cf. ↑stand on one's own two feet
stand out — Cf. ↑stand out
stand to — Cf. ↑stand to
stand trial — Cf. ↑stand trial
stand up — Cf. ↑stand up
stand up and be counted — Cf. ↑stand up and be counted
stand up for — Cf. ↑stand up for
stand up to — Cf. ↑stand up to
USAGE it is not good English to use the past participle stood with the verb ‘to be’, as in we were stood in a line for hours; the correct form is we were standing in a line for hours.
ORIGIN Old English, related to STEAD(Cf. ↑stead).

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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